Pipes Story

Hello readers,

Starting my blog with a light post.

While walking in downtown Toronto looking for objects that could potentially make an abstract series I came along handrail of an old church.

Minolta 70-210mm f/4 also known as beercan lens was attached to my camera body, I prefer to use a telephoto lens for abstract photography because it gives a narrow and focused perspective on objects, and on some other applications, it makes images look very flat , which could be handy in some abstract and minimal shots. However, in narrow streets context it might be useless because your subjects are very close to you, so using 35mm or 50mm lenses might be a better choice.

This version of 70-210mm lens in particular got the advantage of being cheap, lighter and more compact than many other similar lenses, the sharpness and overall performance is not superb of course comparing to modern lenses, it is however at least 10 times cheaper than a newer lenses but definitely not 10 times worse.

Back to the photographs, with this type of photographs, I believe one should slow down and consider trying many options, maybe even bring a tripod so it holds the camera for you while you think.

In the post processing I tired to give the image more classic look by doing split toning and adding grain effect on the photos with help of Lightroom.

Hope you enjoy the photographs.

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