ROM Conflict

Hello readers,

Another post today with another abstract series I created a while back. This series is about one of Toronto’s most iconic buildings, Royal Ontario Museum, more specifically the Michael Lee-Chin Crystal addition which is designed by Starchitect Daniel Libskind. In all honesty I am not really fond of its design, it is far from Libskind’s true ability to make something truly staggering, it is more like going a Mercedes dealership and buying their diesel hatchback model, you get the Merc badge but the not the Merc experience.

However with my attempt to make a series of photos about it, I tried to capture its sharp lines, and the famously known chaotic compositions of the architect. To enhance the photographs, I thought I will have silhouettes of passers by, the simple and soft lines of the human body bring a nice contrast to the photographs.

For the post processing, I made the photos more contrasty and I increased the blacks a fair bit.

Hope you enjoy the series.


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